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a road trip into history

a documentary film by Mary Casey Walsh

the Triptik

A 1939 Triptik, from the Cleveland Automobile Association, outlining a trip from Cleveland, Ohio, to Biddeford, Main, and back.

the film

A documentary film about a road trip into history, following the 1939 Triptik on the old routes of US Highways.


John Walsh and Mary Casey Walsh have been watching the weirdness In Cleveland and everywhere, and sharing it on the web since 1999.

About The Triptik

In 1939, someone wanted to go from Cleveland, Ohio, to Biddeford, Maine, and back, and visited the Cleveland Automobile Association office and got this guide - a Triptik showing a great circle route, starting on Route 20 and coming home on Route 6. Who and why are still mysteries. 


About the film

A road trip into history

In June 2022, we traveled on the old alignments of US Highways, wherever they still existed,  visited Recommended Establishments listed on the backs of the pages, whenever they still existed, and detoured for the rare roadside attraction. 

We're starting the editing process now, after accumulating more than 2000 miles, more than 2000 still photographs, and over a terabyte of video files. We saw what's changed and what's the same on these highways, and got a firsthand look at how car culture both built and destroyed America along the highways, and can't wait to show you what we saw.

Expected completion: before the end of 2022. 

Update: February 2023
The expected completion date was far too optimistic.  We have so much footage, and life happens, and other things need to get done, and, and, and.  We're nearly thru the assembly, and should have a rough edit soon. Theme music is being written, graphics are being created, and our expected completion date is sometime in the future, TBD. 

about ClevelandWeirdness

ClevelandWeirdness started as a website in the last century and has morphed from a personal photography site to a review site to a showcase for artists of all kinds. Once the movie is done, ClevelandWeirdness will once again be a site for anyone who wants to watch the weirdness along with us!

MobiriTag on the 1960 Cadillac at Cadillac Ranch off Route 66 that reads "It's all a part of the weirdness"

We still have a long way to go before presenting the documentary film "Follow the Triptik" to the world. A donation now will help speed the editing process, and pay for rights to images and other line items in the budget.  (And you'll get a thank you in the end credits if you donate!)


Pre-order a copy of "Follow the Triptik"  - coming soon - once we start post production, your pre-order will be the encouragement we need to finish the movie before Christmas!

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